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Animal Farm

Animal Farm

(English edition – Full version)


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Written during the turbulent years of World War II and published in 1945, Animal Farm is a sharp allegory that reflects the dynamics of real-world political revolutions. It also displays the corrupting influence of power, reminding us of the importance of vigilance and the fragility of freedom in the face of tyranny.

This story takes place in Manor Farm, where an uprising of a group of farm animals against their human oppressors sets the stage for a powerful revolution. After a successful revolt, they create some commandments known as the Seven Commandments.

However, as time passes, the once-idealistic revolution begins to unravel. The pigs gradually consolidate power and privilege for themselves, betraying the principles of equality and justice they had championed. The other animals find themselves oppressed once again and their dreams of liberation are turned into a nightmare.

Páginas: 96 • Formato: 14 x 21 cm • Acabamento: Brochura • ISBN: 9786559283408 • Código: 39537 • Categoria(s): Clássicos, Clássicos em língua original, Literatura • Autêntica Editora • Edição: 1 • Coleções: World Classics • Mês/Ano de publicação: 02/2024 • Primeira edição: 02/2024

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