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ADHD - Head in the clouds: 100 questions and answers about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADHD - Head in the clouds: 100 questions and answers about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Suddenly, you realize there is something different about that person who you like so much, or even that something about you does not fit into normality. Initially, the difficulty to learn, to socialize or to perform daily tasks seems natural. As time goes on, however, these obstacles start to mount, making the person’s life more painful, more stressful and more difficult than would be reasonable – a suffering that also affects the lives of the people who live with them.

What may be happening?

It was in order to clarify this and many other doubts that Dr. Paulo Mattos wrote Head in the clouds: 100 questions and answers about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As a psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Mattos is one of the world’s leading authorities on ADHD, having published more than a hundred scientific articles, in addition to dozens of books and chapters on the topic. However, his main contribution to families living with ADHD has been, without a doubt, this book.

Dr. Mattos gathered here the 100 most relevant questions asked by parents, spouses, healthcare professionals, educators, patients and many others who deal with the disorder. With direct, scientific answers and written in a way that is accessible to the general public, Head in the clouds it has become the main reference in Brazil when the subject is ADHD.

Recommended by psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, psychopedagogists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and educators, the book Head in the clouds has become a must-read for people and families seeking clear, correct and safe information about ADHD, amid so much misinformation. circulating in digital world.

In this 17th edition, revised and expanded by Dr. Paulo Mattos, and with the preface written by Iane Kestelman – psychologist, psychoanalyst, neuropsychologist and voluntary president of the Brazilian Association for Attention Deficit (Associação Brasileira do Déficit de Atenção – ABDA) -, you will find the most up-to-date information regarding ADHD, with the endorsement of the highest authority on the subject and the recommendation of the most important association of ADHD patients in Brazil.

We hope this book will help you better understand ADHD and learn to live with the disorder in a peaceful way, with less suffering and a better quality of life.

Páginas: 272 • Formato: 16 x 23 cm • Acabamento: brochura • Título original: No mundo da lua: 100 perguntas e respostas sobre o Transtorno do Déficit de Atenção com Hiperatividade (TDAH) • ISBN: 9786559280438 • Código: 36927 • Categoria(s): Psicanálise & Psicologia, Saúde, Esportes & Lazer • Autêntica Editora • Edição: 17 • Mês/Ano de publicação: 07/2021 • Primeira edição: 09/2021


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