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Robert Louis Stevenson

Born in Edinburgh (Scotland) on November 13, 1850. An extremely versatile author, Stevenson has addressed the most diverse literary genres throughout his career, from poetry to crime fiction, from historical romance to fantastic tales. The heart of his work is the moral question. Stevenson is considered one of the greatest representatives of the complex literary movement that opposed Naturalism and Positivism. The originality of his narrative can be seen in the balance between fantasy and a clear, precise and vigorous style. He became unexpectedly famous with the publication of Treasure Island (Treasure Island, 1883), still his best-known book today. With this novel, Stevenson brought about a veritable renewal of the tradition of the adventure novel. In 1886, he published The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which also contributed – and a lot – to record the name of Robert Louis Stevenson in the history of the great world narrative of the 19th century. He died at Upolu, in the Samoa Islands, on December 3, 1894.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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